Protein engineering using Proteus

Proteus is a Webtool, database, and method to propose mutations for proteins used in industrial applications. Proteus uses the hypothesis of mutation transference of residue pairs in contact detected in PDB to suggest mutations for a target protein.

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Select a PDB file and a chain to start a new project. Optionally, you can insert an amino acid residue to limit the region for suggesting mutations (and accelerate the running). If you want to test Proteus, you can download this PDB example (2LZM). Type A in the second field, S44 in the third field, and insert your email address. Proteus will take 1 hour to process your project. If you do not want to wait, click here to see the final result.

1 Select a PDB File Upload a structure (.pdb):

2 Select a chain [A, B, C ... Z]

3 Select a residue Proteus will collect all residues at the distance of 10 Å:
Run for all residues of the chain.

4 Email address Insert your email address to receive a warning when the project was concluded: